Landscape inspired by Edvard Munch's "The Scream".
Acrylic paint and printing ink
Oil paint and printing ink
Two versions of a landscape inspired by Edvard Munch (famous expressionist) - specifically his famous painting "The Scream". I printed each main layer on the ocean, beach and rock/port area with foam cutouts. Then used paint for the sky and some minor details. 

This is my tribute to Munch as he is one of my favourite painters and also to re-create "The Scream" to see a wider landscape, as I really like his style of distorting shapes and forms to create dreamy, expressive, surreal impressions.
Development sketch
Below, painting from photograph inspired by impressionistic styles;
"Stream and the Trees" - acrylic
"Guitar and Interior" - acrylic
Sunflowers - homage to Vincent Van Gogh. Oil on canvas

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