Symbolism, archetypes, and universal concepts
Publication design, design for print, typography
Produced September-November 2018
“Symbolism, archetypes and universal concepts” is a publication about how symbolism in art, literature, and psychoanalysis reflect collective ideas of the human psyche.

The aim and requirements of the project was to design and produce a solution that demonstrates use of design processes including branding, typography, layouts and utilizing at least one packaging element.
At the time I was intrigued by the potential that art, symbols and other forms of visual language carry in expressing and suggesting common themes, feelings, and ideas inherent in the human psyche as a collective. 
Over a span of two months, I researched and wrote the publication, produced and printed the layout, illustrated and applied the images to a memory game and posters. At the end of the project we had to exhibit our work in a way that’s in context with our work; with background of the book and the artist supporting the publication along with the other printed deliverables.

Link to the publication PDF here:
Memory game card - back and front
Memory game packaging
Final result - exhibition display

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