Initially, when I started painting portraits, my choice of subject was musicians/artists that I admire/respect, thus painting a portrait of them is paying tribute to the artists, and showing how I see those artists themselves, through how I choose to present them - which is the magic of portraiture, of how an individual can be presented in many different ways, depending on the artist's perspective.
Later on I would use portraiture to explore my sense of self/identity and experience which lead me to my few self portraits further down..
John Lennon and Paul McCartney - pencil
Julian Casblancas - pencil
Portrait of "Chance the Rapper" - Acrylic - A3
Kurt Cobain acrylic portraits
Kurt Cobain - acrylic - A3
Kurt Cobain - pencil and acrylic - A3
Trapped - acrylic - A3
Roger Waters // The Division Bell - Acrylic - A3 (painted on newspaper topped paper)
Syd Barrett - pencil and pen. The split heads symbolize split identities or alter egos; I would expand on this idea later on in a self portrait to represent a duality of 2 different forces present in 1 thing.
Self portraits
"Distorted self" - oil on canvas
Development sketchbook page for self portrait I (below) : "The orange/yellow face expresses happiness whilst the blue/purple face expresses sadness. My main concept behind this piece is to express 2 common, yet opposite emotions I feel, with the colours I associate them with."
Development painting - experimentation of complementary colour combination (orange and blue) to create vibrancy and contrast
"Self portrait I" - acrylic on canvas - A1. Split heads represent a duality of identities, personalities, or emotions.
"Self portrait II" - acrylic - A3
"Self portrait II" - oil on canvas - A1

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