Final piece: self portrait and collage inspired by artist Maxim Grunin. This is the product of my entire coursework, which begins from the first page below.
It is the resolution of the themes I explored which include: abstraction, exploring different media, still life/observational sketches, and finally self portraits and identity (how the subjects relate to me).
Exploring line, shape, form, space and composition with first page of still life observation drawings and paintings. Watercolour, pencil and pen used.
Developed from previous page- still life thumbnails turned into abstract painting (left) along with new stencil wall art, using a splatter paint technique (right). Inspired by abstract artists Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock (see studies above).
Automated watercolour painting inspired by Kandinsky and music, with figurative sketch of musician on right.
Figurative sketches from photographs
Piano and hallway perspective drawings and observational sketch.
Further observational sketches of figures and their movement.
Figurative, self portrait, and thumbnail sketches: preparation for final piece. I chose Maxim Grunin's collage composition as it was the best way to combine all of the imagery in the past pages, as they all relate to each other under the theme of personal context and interest.

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